Veristone is a unique quarried limestone composite with the look and feel of hand cut stone. However, in many ways Veristone outperforms traditional cut stone, serving as an affordable, lightweight alternative with remarkable flexibility and limitless design applications.

Veristone, derived from the Latin word ver for true, is a blend of natural limestone and minerals, special bonding agents and Portland cement, applied to mesh and base costed foam to produce and authentic limestone veneer.

The Veristone product line supplies the building community with a full line of architectural elements, including surrounds, sills, cornices, columns, balustrade and fireplace surrounds. In addition to the standard product line, new and innovative design ideas are welcomed. Utilizing CAD technology, architectural plans come to life lending a straight forward and cost-effective solution to numerous design ideas.

Every piece is hand finished in our factory and arrives at your jobsite ready for easy installation.